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doForms Helps Serta Simmons Improve Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC is the number one mattress manufacturer in the United States and a leading brand across the globe. The privately held company has been proudly carrying out it’s mission to “lead the way to a healthier and more well-rested world” since it first introduced its Perfect Sleeper® mattress in 1931.

Today, the company produces and sells mattresses and mattress accessories, such as bed frames, bedding, pillows, sleep trackers and more, through strategic partnerships with global, national and local retailers.

Whether it’s a new launch or existing product, Serta Simmons works with its retail store partners to stock appropriate floor samples that end consumers can inspect and try before making a purchase. It’s critical that floor samples are flawless, as each one is a direct representation of the product and the brands of both the manufacturer and the retailer. The condition of a sample can make or break a sale.

To ensure a positive experience for end consumers, Serta Simmons sales representatives continuously review floor samples around the country and report back to headquarters if there are any damages or imperfections.

Unfortunately, the process the reps had previously used to capture and report mattress sample flaws was itself flawed. Each individual rep recorded the details that he or she deemed were important at the time using their smartphone or tablet, and then emailed them back to their managers. But details like the mattress tag ID or a photo of the issue were often missing. This sometimes required multiple return trips to stores to gather missing critical data, which added time to the remedy process. And the longer it took a rep to travel back and forth and send a complete report, the longer the flawed sample sat on the showroom floor.

Consistency in Reporting on Floor Samples

With this in mind, customer quality managers at Serta Simmons began looking for a better solution. They discovered mobile forms application maker doForms, and reached out to them for a trial. The doForms mobile forms consultants soon built and delivered a consistent and intuitive mobile form that over 350 sales staff across the United States could access regardless of their location.

Jeff Cureton, customer quality manager with Serta Simmons, was impressed with the entire process. “The people at doForms were so helpful and responsive,” he said. “We had an easy-to-use digital form in the hands of our employees in less than a week.”

The new mobile form made an immediate impact. Rather than relying upon each sales rep to report on what he or she deemed relevant about each mattress sample, the mobile form had required fields to ensure that all necessary information was captured during the first visit. Form fields were presented in a consistent order, reps were prompted to upload a digital photo and the data was instantly submitted via the cloud upon submission. This eliminated the need for duplicate work and multiple trips to retail locations.

Improving Quality Across the Board

Improving the evaluation of product sample quality was just one of the benefits Serta Simmons gained through doForms. They are now able to see exactly which manufacturing plants perform the best (those with the fewest complaints about samples) and take corrective action and drive improvements in problem locations sooner. Cureton explained, “We have thirty-three Serta Simmons manufacturing plants located across the United States producing approximately 1M pieces per month. doForms helps us identify problems earlier so that issues can be fixed quickly and don’t linger.”

Cureton and his team also gained the ability to use collected data as a means to measure the satisfaction of their retail partners. Sales reps can also highlight product and process improvements as a new benefit when calling on retail chain partners and prospects.

doForms was next rolled out to Serta Simmons plant employees to help them measure and ensure quality control internally, where inspectors use the mobile forms on tablets to record information about produced pieces or to test new materials or products.

“Serta Simmons is the most recognized brand name in bedding. We do everything we can to maintain the awareness of our brand – that includes perfect quality,” stated Jeff Cureton. “doForms has been a huge time saver across the board and helps us to collect actionable data that we can use to make even more improvements.”

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