Place collected forms data from your mobile devices securely behind your firewall

Enterprise Server takes collected forms data from your mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, PCs) and places it securely into your core systems and behind your firewall. Enterprise Server also contains a powerful reporting suite that allows you to analyze and profile your data to surface insights that, in turn, power better business decisions.

Enterprise Server is fully integrated with doForms. No need to create a database, figure out how to download data, and then buy third-party tools to build custom reports and dashboards. Simply configure the system to link to a form(s). The data from the forms can be synchronized on a defined schedule.

Configure the system to either keep duplicate data on the cloud or purge it immediately. Once configured, the Enterprise Server automatically populates itself with your data ‐ safely and securely. Enterprise Server also has integrated Google Charts functionality – so there is no need for expensive third-party software. Finally, because it uses SQL Server at its core, it is easy for your in-house staff to access data and share it with other systems.

Powerful features allow you to automatically download your form data into the Enterprise Server. You decide if you want to purge your hosted data instantly or keep a copy on the cloud for total data redundancy and fault tolerance.

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Primary Benefits:
  • HIPAA Compliant (for data where the Google cloud is not considered a “safe data at rest” location)
  • Fast performance with large datasets
  • Integrated charting and dashboarding
  • Web-based for easy access to data, reports and charts
  • Affordable all-in-one solution

Features include:

  • Create and save data views
  • Perform column calculations
  • Summarize large datasets creating counts, averages and other statistical data (sorting and filtering operations are quick and easy)
  • Create quick charts based on forms and views
  • Map data with embedded geo codes
  • Export large datasets quickly
  • Build robust graphical dashboards with reports, charts and drilldowns
  • Access to data is administrator managed
  • Can be hosted by doForms (at Rackspace) or hosting facility of your choice