Always have a way to get paid, even on the road

Process credit and debit cards on your desktop, tablet and smartphone

ProPay and the commercial-grade ProPay JAK™ swipe device are integrated right into your doForms, so that you can take payments anytime, anywhere.

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Commercial-Grade Swipe Device

The ProPay JAK swipe device connects to your Android® or Apple® smartphone or tablet so that you can accept credit/debit card payments anytime. And this isn’t a flimsy personal reader – it’s a sturdy, commercial-grade swipe device built for the rigors of business in the field.

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More Affordable for
Business Use

With Square, each additional employee costs $5 per month. So if you have 3 employees, you’ll pay $180 per year in monthly fees.

ProPay has no monthly payments, no hidden fees, and only costs $39.95 per year – no matter how many employees you have.*

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Understanding Effective Rates

When comparing Merchant Accounts, make sure you read the fine print and understand all of the fees and variable rates of the plan. Some merchant service providers advertise, “rates as low as…” But, what are you really paying? What is your real Effective Rate?

Most merchants will charge different transaction fees based on the type of transaction (Retail/Restaurant, Mail/Telephone Order-MOTO, Internet, etc.), and the type of card used (Qualified Consumer Card, Qualified Rewards Card, Keyed or Typed in Commercial Card, etc.). They will also charge additional fees that sometimes are hidden. It’s important that merchants understand all the fees associated with their plan and calculate those fees as part of calculating their overall Effective Rate and cost of the plan. Below is an example of a well-known merchant provider compared to ProPay. The advertised, “rates as low as 1.48%.”

Here are the facts:

effective rates
lower rates

Lower rates than PayPal® or Square®**

Enjoy low rates for both swiped and keyed (munual) credit/debit card processing.

2.70% flat per swiped transaction**

2.85% + 25¢ per keyed transaction**

Learn About Effective Rates

How does ProPay compare?

(Based on three employees accessing the same merchant account.)

propay comparison
*The $39.95 yearly fee includes the cost of one ProPay JAK. Each additional JAK has a one-time cost of $19.95 plus shipping and handling.
**Compared to rates on competitor websites as of January 2017. Rates subject to change. Rates shown for Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover®.

Integrates with QuickBooks®

doForms and ProPay integrate directly with QuickBooks, allowing you to create an invoice form, collect payment and then automatically update QuickBooks to record both the sale and the payment.

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