doForms Mobile Forms are Helping Improve the Lives of Mothers and Children in India

Last Updated: July 5, 2016

Community Empowerment Lαβ™ initiates lasting health improvements for mothers and children in northern India through careful research and collaboration between scientists and community stakeholders. To accomplish this, they must use mobile data collection to gather large amounts information from across a community of over one million people in order devise the best possible solutions and to test their effectiveness.

Up until recently, the lab had been collecting this input manually using paper forms, a resource-intensive process hampered by long turnaround times, inaccuracies, and high storage costs. As the organization grew, they knew they needed a mobile forms solution.

Community Empowerment Lαβ thoroughly researched the mobile forms industry for a mobile forms solution that would work offline in areas of poor connectivity and allow for referential lookup to enable long-term follow up. The lab found that doForms was the only mobile forms software that could meet these requirements at a realistic price point.

Today, Community Empowerment Lαβ is uses doForms features such as Dispatch, Sync & Save, lookup tables, GPS location tagging and validation checks to efficiently collect and parse large amounts of data to be used to positively affect the lives of thousands.

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