Mobile Forms Put Truck Inspections on the Fast Track

Last Updated: January 12, 2017

HUB Truck has nearly 1,800 HUB-owned trucks in operation, making it one of the largest full-service truck leasing companies in the northeast. Managing such a large truck fleet means tracking a lot of paperwork and logistics.

Prior to using doForms, HUB was documenting truck conditions on paper-based truck inspection forms, then faxing and mailing them to get where they needed to go. It was a time-consuming challenge for HUB employees to fill out paper forms and take Poloroids to document truck conditions.

The mobile forms consultants at doForms converted several paper-based internal truck inspection forms, delivery and lease forms to doForms mobile forms, enabling HUB staff to tap checkboxes, write notes and embed pictures digitally from their smartphones and tablets. When a response on a mobile form signifies a maintenance issue with a particular truck, a request is instantly routed to the service department upon form submission. This enables HUB to service vehicles and get them back out on the road more quickly, rather than waiting hours or days for paperwork to be routed.

Fueled by the success of these mobile forms, doForms and HUB are currently collaborating on a new app called the Driver Utilities Pack as a value-added offering for HUB customers.

The new app will bring powerful mobile forms solutions to HUB customers in the field, allowing them to more easily perform trip inspections, seal validation and service requests. It will also allow drivers and managers to more easily track fuel consumption, add location and time stamps and collect digital signatures when cargo is delivered.

Read the full case study here or contact us to learn more about what doForms mobile forms can do for your organization.