Top 4 Ways Mobile Form Apps Are Making Businesses More Profitable

Retail, construction, maintenance and repair, transportation and logistics, real estate, healthcare – these are just some of the many industries already benefiting from the move to digitization. Many organizations within these industries have made the switch from paper forms to mobile forms in order to collect and share data more accurately and efficiently.

These organizations have quickly found themselves saving significant time and money by eliminating paper forms, which in turn makes them more profitable. Here are four ways we’ve seen mobile forms make that happen:


1. Mobile Form Apps Increase Productivity

We all know that time equals money. Consider how much time it takes an employee to drive to headquarters to pick up their paperwork, then fill out a paper form by hand and finally drive it from the field back to headquarters. Also consider how long this paperwork will sit in an inbox waiting to be manually entered into a computer and filed.

The whole process is far too time-consuming and prone to error. If the field employee’s handwriting is difficult to read, the wrong data could be manually entered in the back office. Customers could be delivered the wrong product or service or could be over or undercharged.

Converting this process to an automated digital workflow that uses mobile forms eliminates the need to drive to and from the office to pick up or deliver paper work and reduces the risk of error. This allows more revenue-generating work to get done without increasing headcount.

Utilizing mobile forms instead of printed ones gives your employees instant access to the latest iterations of a form, with the most current input data and pricing.

It’s faster and easier to use a mobile form, too. All calculations are performed automatically within the form, thus eliminating the need for users to use as a calculator. Work is documented with pictures and time stamps. Businesses can even record the exact location a form is filled out to insure employees are on the jobsite when they need to be.

Automation is no longer an expensive option that is only accessible to large companies. It’s now an affordable technology that’s cheaper to use than paper. Mobile forms open the door for the integration of other technologies like barcode scanning and electronic credit card payment.


2. Mobile Form Apps Help Companies Remain Agile

If you happen to be in an industry without a standard for digital data collecting and sharing, making the move now will put you at an immense competitive advantage. Distributing forms via email or dispatching them in real-time to field workers, customers or vendors empowers businesses to capture and manipulate information more easily, and run and schedule reports from an online portal.

Having access to real time data allows organizations to communicate course changes to workers at the point of service, which enables them to respond more quickly to shifts in customer demand.

Mobile forms can also make recruiting and training easier. Enforcing a standard on digital forms ensures consistency and reduces the chance of manual errors. Processes and deadlines regarding sharing data get easier as well, with forms that can be sent anywhere they need to be with the tap of a button.


3. Mobile Form Apps Help Meet Safety and Security Regulations

In highly-regulated industries, maintaining compliance is a top priority. doForms’ mobile forms for healthcare solutions are built to meet important industry regulations like HIPAA and to protect sensitive data.

Companies concerned with security should understand that paper forms can be the most unsecure method of collecting information available. Paperwork can be lost, stolen, replicated and easily viewed by others if left in plain sight.

doForms makes access to forms and data secure with multifactor authentication. Mobile devices are usually set to lock out when forms aren’t being used in order to avoid roaming eyes. Stored data is encrypted; so even if your systems are breached the data continues to be secure. When others need to see information securely, doForms offers options for the secure emailing of forms and then controls the rights and permissions of the user down to each individual field in the form.


4. They Even Increase Customer Satisfaction and Boost Sales

There is no limit to what data companies can collect with a mobile forms app. Manufacturers are using doForms to ensure quality standards are met during production. Retailers are using doForms to monitor inventory, floor samples or store conditions. Service companies are using doForms to dispatch workers to job sites more quickly, armed with the right information and equipment for the job. Real estate investment and management firms are using doForms to track the condition of their properties around the world and schedule maintenance more efficiently.

All of these examples have one thing in common – they add up to a better experience for end customers. And, as we all know, an increase in customer satisfaction often correlates directly to increased sales.

And even before the first sale has been made, if customers see that a company has its processes automated, they have more faith that their transaction will be handled correctly and expeditiously. Asking a customer to sign a digital form instead of a crinkled paper contract leaves them with the lasting impression of a modern company.

Capturing data digitally also provides an opportunity to automatically integrate it with other software solutions that companies already use, like SalesForce, Sharepoint or QuickBooks. Many organizations across a variety of industries are using the Sync & Save module from doForms to enable such integrations, providing instant access for analysis and documentation. Consolidating your customer and internal data in this way can help sales and marketing take a more informed approach with clients.


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