doForms Mobile Forms Software 4.5 Offers Form Builders Increased Control

The mobile forms software experts at doForms went to work recently modifying the dashboard and application to offer increased control to our customers, from enhanced form styling and data display manipulation to additional form preview modes. Here’s a look at a few of the team’s favorite upgrades that are included in the doForms 4.5 release:

Appearance Settings – doForms added several enhanced appearance settings to help form-builders to create more beautiful forms and data output. Additions include the ability to remove borders around form answers to give forms and form output a cleaner look.

Justification – Every mobile form builder now has full control over left, center and right justification of text on answers, headings, captions and hints, making data and table formatting easier.

Enhanced Hiding and Restrict Data – Users will enjoy enhanced control over what data is read only, required and hidden, as well as the ability to suppress certain data from loading on mobile forms, the web dashboard, dispatching software or in editing mode. This not only offers greater control – it can significantly reduce load times on forms with long lists by suppressing unneeded data.

New Preview Settings – New additions have been made to preview mode to allow mobile form builders to test their work on a greater array of displays. Preview settings include portrait and landscape paper mode and control over device sizes to simulate smartphones. Preview settings can be applied to all forms or just a single form.

Secure Credit Card Input – A new manual payment tool has been added, allowing doForms customers to collect credit card information on the go. The new tool hides all but the last four digits of card numbers so that they remain encrypted and only accessible to those with logins to the web dashboard.

Look for these enhanced features and more right now in your doForms mobile forms software, and check back to our newsroom for the next wave of upgrades soon. For assistance in locating or best utilizing the new features, please call us at 855-doForms or contact us.

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