Zebra Certifies doForms on its Line of Rugged Android Mobile Devices

Last Updated: October 23, 2017

doForms is proud to announce a new partnership with Zebra, a leading producer of rugged data collection devices and mobile printers. The partnership will create more robust end-to-end solutions for new and existing customers of both organizations by combining rugged mobile hardware from Zebra with easy-to-build and affordable enterprise-class, cloud-based forms from doForms.

While the red line camera scanning option is an excellent feature of basic smartphones and tablets, it can limit user efficiency because it must be carefully aligned with the barcode in order to register. In contrast to smartphones and tablets, scanning a barcode with high-speed imaging in Zebra devices is simple, fast and more forgiving.

doForms has added several new scanning features that take full advantage of the powerful functions within the Zebra product line. To take advantage of those features, the user simply needs to download doForms onto their Zebra device and doForms will automatically detect the presence of the Zebra scan engine.

doForms is now an ideal data capture platform for those industries where scanning and durability are major critical success factors – including healthcare, supply chain logistics, retail, hospitality, asset management and proof-of-delivery.



To reach partner status, the doForms platform was put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that doForms would standup to real-world industrial situations. As a result of the testing, doForms has been successfully certified on three Zebra Android-based mobile devices, with more coming soon. Zebra offers several form factors – from tablets to devices you can wear on your wrist. doForms is also developing support for several Zebra mobile printers and several OCR options available within the Zebra scan engine.

Using doForms on a Zebra device requires no updates or changes to existing mobile forms, making it a seamless transition for doForms customers. Adding doForms as approved and recommended software means Zebra customers can now build data capture solutions quickly and affordably.

To learn more about how to use doForms on Zebra devices for your organization, please contact your doForms sales rep or call 1-908-505-9020.