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doForms offers an unmatched set of mobile forms and business workflow functionality – all for the lowest price in the industry.

Building doForms that meet your unique business requirements is simple. No technical expertise is required and one-on-one help is here if you need it.


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Powerful App-like Functionality

doForms provides a set of over 30 drag-and-drop tools that allow you to build powerful mobile forms that perform calculations, integrate data, and make decisions based on input.

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Complex Form Structures Using Containers

Specialized containers allow you to combine multiple questions into complex structures, and build self-calculating invoices with integrated pricebooks, surveys and inspections.

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Back-Office Integration

doForms enables you to seamlessly synchronize and integrate data between your mobile devices and your back-office databases, accounting, CRM, and other in-house systems.

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Wireless Dispatching and Tracking

doForms’ Dispatch & Tracking allows you to dispatch in real time right from the doForms portal, or integrate with your existing dispatch system using web services or Sync & Save.

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Custom Form Outputs

Distribute customized information throughout your organization and to your customers in PDF, Excel, or Word formats with a single click.

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You can set your doForms mobile interface to English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, or Italian, and doForms supports international time and date formatting.

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Barcode Scanning and NFC Tag Reading

Barcode and NFC tag information is instantly transmitted into forms, allowing your users to quickly record and look up information about products, prices, deliveries, and pickups.

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Build Once, Use Anywhere

doForms allows users to build a single form that can be viewed, filled out, and submitted from any iOS or Android device, or any device with an Internet connection and a browser.

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Ultra-secure data transmission and storage

doForms’ robust, three-point security program assures that all of your form data is always protected — within the mobile app, during data transmission, and while stored on our servers.

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Automated features

doForms offers several automated features that assist in distributing your forms, documenting your transactions, and ensuring that your mobile users never lose their work.

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Part of a Large Enterprise?

doForms has the power and flexibility to handle enterprise-level requirements for global organizations.

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