Case Study

Magnum Foods Uses doForms to Keep Dishing up Pizza and Profits

It All Started with Cleaning Reviews

Little Caesar’s Enterprises, based in Detroit, Michigan, is the third largest pizza chain in the U.S. The company had been visiting its franchisee stores several times a year using a hand held tablet to conduct store reviews. Magnum turned to doForms to help capture and document store conditions and improve internal reporting compliance.

“One of the problems I’ve had with reviews is, you go in with a paper review and the next day the manager would call me and say, ‘Hey, that wasn’t dirty’,” says Colin Gilmartin, Director of Operations for Magnum Foods. “It would become the manager’s word against mine.”

With the ability to conduct the review on a tablet and take pictures right in the form, doForms removed the uncertainty. Gilmartin was so intrigued by the ease of use and increased productivity that he called doForms to discuss other possibilities. He sent one of his standard paper forms to doForms and they created an online review form in less than a day. Magnum used that form for the next 5 years.

Today, Magnum builds its own forms. Gilmartin estimates he initially built 7-8 forms in a couple of months, and updated and amended others, including the original cleaning review form.


Slicing the Piles of Paper Forms

Store supervisors at Magnum Foods are required to complete three specific forms on a monthly basis and an additional four to five forms on a weekly basis. These are submitted to the operations director and their timely completion is tied to bonuses. Paper form completion was time-consuming, the compliance rate was low, and the forms created massive piles of paper for the operations director to read and store.

Magnum turned to doForms to improve the content and replace all the paper review and audit forms with mobile forms. Since doForms were implemented, the supervisors not only regularly submit their forms, they often over-deliver, providing more information and insights than they were required to provide. Now supervisors can do a review on a moment’s notice because it’s easy to do and the form is always available on their mobile device via the cloud.

Completed forms are emailed directly to the operations director within minutes, so they can be reviewed on a rolling basis instead of piling up to 100 at a time. The operations director might now receive 7-10 reviews per day and can review and store them on his or her computer where they are easily and instantly accessed. Historical audit scores can be retrieved and compared in a matter of seconds. The pile of paper is gone, replaced by the ability to see operational data, review historical results, provide results to corporate, and take quick action when necessary.


The future looks “fantastic”

Magnum Foods is keenly aware that they are in a competitive business and they have to leverage every possible way to keep their business on top.

“We sell pizza,” says Gilmartin. “It’s pretty simple. It’s a tough world, but right now we have a 15- year track record of 3%+ sales increase year over year. Finding technology and tools to help us gain or keep our edge is something we have to do, or have it taken away from us. doForms helps us stay on top.”

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