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Case Study

Andy Gump Raises Site Services to a Whole New Level

As one of the premier construction and event site services companies in the U.S., Andy Gump is on the forefront of adopting innovative technology to help solve business problems. doForms is one of those innovations. It has quickly driven new efficiencies, faster responsiveness, and higher customer satisfaction. Andy Gump is now using over 20 different doForms forms in its daily operation and is adding more. The simplicity of use doForms brings to non-programmers has made it easy to create the various forms required by the company.


Improving on-site services with doForms and dispatch

Occasionally, drivers arrive at a customer location but cannot gain access to the portable restroom facilities to service them. At this point, a driver would have to “Red Tag” the job, using a paper form, and leave the facility. Drivers submitted Red Tags to the office at the end of their shifts; then the back office had to manually enter the information and contact the client to reschedule servicing. Bottom line: the paper-based Red Tag system was creating significant delays in servicing the facility.

This problem was quickly solved using the dispatch status feature in doForms.

Today, if a driver arrives at a location and is unable to access the area for any reason, he takes a picture of the problem and forwards it to Andy Gump’s dispatch agent. The dispatch agent then contacts the client so the issue can be immediately resolved, allowing the driver to service the facilities in a timely manner. This has had a significant positive impact on both service levels and customer satisfaction.


Vehicle inspection process accelerated and improved with doForms

At any given time, Andy Gump will have 70-75 trucks on the road and, by law, these vehicles must be inspected every day for problems. This inspection is performed by drivers and then sent to vehicle service technicians. Using doForms simple drag-and-drop form-building platform, Andy Gump was able to quickly create a mobile form that enabled the drivers to use their smartphones to easily and rapidly complete a daily vehicle condition report. The form also enables the drivers to take pictures of specific problems and transmit those photos and the checklists to the vehicle service technicians.


Real-time inventory tracking enabled by doForms integration and sync

Andy Gump sales representatives need to know when equipment is back in inventory
as soon as possible so they can sell it. Andy Gump uses doForms integration and synchronization capabilities to rapidly integrate forms data into its existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Using doForms configurable interface, the IT department at Andy Gump completed the integration rapidly and easily, allowing immediate access to the information field employees entered into their devices. Today, customer service representatives and the sales team receive real-time communication regarding inventory to know exactly how many and what facilities are available for rental.

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