Case Study

Swim Technicians Dive Into Mobile Automation with doForms

Dallas and its surrounding counties rely on an abundance of swimming pools to keep over two and a half million residents cool in the Texas heat. Community Home Services was founded in 1984, under the name Swim Tech Inc., with one mission – to keep those pools cool, clean and trouble free. Today, the expanded business also offers lawn service in addition to pool service and repair.

As the saying goes, everything’s bigger in Texas. And so, from its humble beginnings as a small, owner-operated pool service business, Community Home Services has grown significantly bigger too. Today, Community Home Services team of repair technicians is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 300 pools per week.

Not surprisingly, this growth brought with it boatloads of paperwork. Liner, pump or filtration issues in need of repair, chemicals that had been delivered or added to each pool, not to mention invoices and receipts, all had to be documented both for internal operations and for customer awareness and satisfaction.

Technicians were soon crisscrossing the state trying to speak to each customer personally to keep them in the loop. Mistakes were sometimes made and, since people often aren’t at home during regular maintenance hours, some customers weren’t sure whether technicians had yet visited their homes. You could say they were in deep, swimming in paperwork and wasting time.


doForms to the Rescue

Preston Clark, Chief of Logistics at Swim Tech at the time, knew that in order to keep up with demand the company needed an automated solution that didn’t rely on verbal communications with customers or driving paperwork back to the central office in Rockwall, Texas.

With that in mind, he looked for a mobile forms provider, and selected doForms due to the company’s favorable pricing, ease of use and hands-on customer support.

Within 10 business days, Preston had built mobile forms to replace all of Swim Tech’s paper forms and, with the occasional help of the doForms mobile forms consultants, deployed them into the field.


Making a Splash in Pool Maintenance

What would have previously required face-to-face interaction with customers, followed by driving the paperwork back to the home office, is now accomplished instantly delivering information instantly via doForms mobile forms software. The mobile forms are set to automatically email each customer a report and receipt upon submission, accompanied by GPS and time stamps, alleviating any doubt in customers’ minds that Community Home Services has in fact performed the appropriate task at the stated date and time. This enables Community Home Services to keep their customers up to date on the status of their equipment without waiting around to catch them in person or on the phone.

“I absolutely love how doForms has revolutionized a 35-year-old company, bringing us into the 21st century,” says Preston. “The efficiencies we’ve gained through the capabilities of doForms are next to none, and will forever change the way we operate.”

When something needs to be repaired and a customer isn’t home, Community Home Services techs are able to email the customer from their doorstep and gain approval more quickly than in the past. They’re even able to add pictures of pool issues and personalize each form as needed.

Now that they’re no longer treading water in the deep end of logistics and paperwork, Community Home Services is free to do what they do best – efficiently and methodically maintaining, repairing and servicing swimming pools.


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