Covid-19 Outbreak: Supporting A Remote Workforce With Mobile Forms By doForms

Last Updated: April 8, 2020
Covid 19 Mobile Forms Workforce Support

The current global outbreak of COVID-19 has caused organizational problems in workplaces all around the world, with many companies requiring their employees to work remotely.

In this article we will:

  • Define the issue of working from home that the current situation has put in place
  • Point out doForms’ positioning advantages that can alleviate the said issue
  • Review the most common pain point employees encounter in this situation
  • Discuss doForms use cases across different industries and what benefits they provide

COVID-19 Outbreak’s Workforce Problem

Almost every company has been forced to have their employees work from home. But many companies are unprepared for remote work and online collaboration, and are asking questions like:

  • How do you manage your stay-at-home workforce?
  • If the office is closed, how do you process paperwork?
  • How do you determine which workers are showing up to job sites?
  • Do any employees need to interact with people in order to complete their job?
  • How can you manage stores, construction projects, and restaurants remotely?

doForms Helps Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic

doForms facilitates productive workflow from any location and any device, supporting remote workers. 

Customers can complete actions such as:

  • Replacing paperwork tickets with digital work tickets.
  • Adding image capture, GPS stamps, electronic payment.
  • Inspecting facilities, job sites, hospitals, supermarkets.
  • Building educational forms to instruct workers on new policies and procedures.
  • Dispatching employees remotely or let employees set their own schedules with full visibility to management working from home.
  • Creating approval process forms using the built-in automated workflow engine, email, and the internet.

doForms also notably offers contactless signatures. This enables employees, customers, and others involved in any transactions of paperwork to remain 6 feet or more apart from one another without hindering workflow, contracts, invoices, or other required documents.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The employee sends a mobile form to the person who needs to fill it out. It doesn’t matter if they are an employee! The mobile form will be sent directly to their email/device.
  2. The person simply fills out the form and fields on their device, then sends it back to the employee.
  3. The information is automatically collected by doForms.

Contactless signature is particularly important during coronavirus. Paper forms are people-intensive, and typically require centralized processing and one-one-one handoffs. Not only is this process longer and less secure – it also cannot be safely executed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, doForms’s contactless signature feature – which is unique to this mobile form provider – allows documents to safely transfer from person-to-person, collecting data without human interaction and digitizing documents in less than a day.

Mobile Form Questions To Ask To Improve Workflow During The COVID-19 Outbreak

To better understand the need for doForms solutions and your own perspective in the situation of employees working from home indefinitely, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is your current process for managing your stay-at-home employees based on a variety of cobbled together technologies like email, texting, faxing, spreadsheets and PDFs?
  2. Are you struggling to manage how many employees are showing up to work or calling in sick?
  3. Do you need to mobilize your workforce in response to recent events? Do any employees need to interact with people or visit customer homes?
  4. Is your company continuing to operate but struggling with data collection, reporting, timesheets, inventory, delivery, and cash collections?
  5. If you were able to have your forms digitized in 24 hours, loaded on a tablet and emailed to your employees’ home would you consider allowing us to build you one form quickly to demonstrate how this would all work?

Common COVID-19 Customer Pain Points

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a situation in which company leaders and employees alike face these common pain points:

  • Paper forms require centralized collection, processing, and storage.
  • Lack of employee visibility by management creates work distribution difficulties.
  • Lack of supervision at job sites and facilities result in missed deliverables and poor quality.
  • Inability to provide management reporting because paper forms are not being processed in a timely fashion.

Discover our complete mobile form features HERE.

How doForms Supports Various Industries Throughout Coronavirus

Looking at specific industries, each of them experience their own set of problems. Fortunately, doForms can provide solution features for all – with tangible benefits. 


  • Problem: Home healthcare workers are required to visit homes and patients. However, existing systems only allow for documentation of the patient. Family member health can impact the caregiver’s health and could have a major impact on patients.
  • Solution Feature: With doForms, you can easily build forms to document household illness. You can GPS stamp transactions, capture additional information on age and gender and map all results to easily visualize where caregivers are the most at risk.
  • Benefit:
    1. Knowledge of the work environment
    2. Better prepared before home entry
    3. Family members can use forms to notify caregivers of situational changes as they happen


  • Problem: Not every company has the same software as Uber. Many companies are suddenly in the delivery business, many have huge inventory management issues, many have facility management issues.
  • Solution Feature: The doForms proof of delivery toolset, combined with device-based GPS tracking and real-time dispatch, can help companies quickly create Uber-like solutions for delivery and mobile payment, barcode scanning and asset tracking, and facility management.
  • Benefit:
    1. Manage delivery with technology in 24 hours or less
    2. Setup sales operations outside the 4 walls
    3. Merchandise stores easily

Field Service 

  • Problem: Paperwork is prolific in field service, including job tickets, invoices, order forms, inspections, proposals and time sheets. Revenue will be impacted simply because companies can’t collect nor process all the paperwork.
  • Solution Feature: Schedule and dispatch jobs from the home office, and monitor that jobs are received, opened and completed. Receive video and images of job site progress, let workers schedule their own day with instant home office visibility by management. doForms also allows you to track workers by mobile phone and offer daily reports.
  • Benefit:
    1. Reduction in non-billable time
    2. Elimination of manual data entry
    3. More timely reporting
    4. Full visibility and control of the field force from home offices


  • Problem: Construction has not stopped. But maintaining safe construction sites, documenting worker time, creating progress reports, punch lists and project planning are all made more difficult because many construction supervisors and employees may be offsite with illness.
  • Solution Feature: doForms is used today by the largest construction companies in the world. It provides worker management, job safety, work documentation, asset management and information dissemination to a wide range of entities throughout the project.
  • Benefit:
    1. Deduction in unforeseen delays
    2. Quicker reaction times
    3. Reduction in lost employee time
    4. Documentation can be used for audits and cost adjustments

COVID-19 and Mobile Forms Solutions From doForms: A Breakdown

Objection: A doForms Solution Is Too Expensive

Answer: The cost of doForms is less than $1 per day per worker. doForms reduces non-billable and cash collection times, increases revenue and eliminates manual data entry. It allows you to get more done with a compromised workforce.

Objection: I Am Not Technical Enough To Manage doForms

Answer: There is no need to be. doForms is cloud-hosted. We can build mobile forms. Our support is free of charge and you will be paired with an expert at doForms, whom you will always have access to.

Objection: My Team Is Not Computer Savvy

Answer: Our solution is customized to look and feel like your existing forms and mobile data collection apps. We add in functionality that makes capturing data or filling out forms even easier. If your people need training, we built it wrong.

Objection: There Is Not Enough Time To Make The Switch

Answer: Most forms can be converted into digital forms in less than an hour and integrate your critical data. We can add payment, barcode scanning, signature capture and other features in minutes. Just one form can power your entire organization.

Terms, Definitions & Examples

The above-mentioned industries and verticals contain different work divisions and jobs. We have defined them like this:

  • Retail – Merchandising, Inventory, Distribution, Sales, Ordering
  • Manufacturing & Warehousing – Quality Control, Barcode Labeling, Picking, Shipping, Inventory
  • Healthcare – Clinical Assessment, Hospice, Home Healthcare, Insurance, Diagnostics, Compliance
  • Transportation – Proof of Delivery, COD Payments, OSD Reporting, Pickups, Inspections
  • Field Service – Job Scheduling & Dispatching, Tracking, Data Collection, Invoicing, Receipts
  • Construction – Time Sheets, Punch Lists, Change Orders, Status Reporting, Inspection


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