Driving directions for commercial vehicles combined with the power of doForms.

doForms takes full advantage of Garmin’s navigation Fleet Navigation Engine by allowing you to request driving directions right from within your doForms form using the dispatched address. With doForms on the Garmin 790, commercial drivers get a powerful vehicle mounted device that safely guides them directly to the next job or stop on their route. The Garmin 790 easily detaches to create the perfect data collection device for deliveries and capturing data within the customer’s location.

GPSGarmin fleet 790

Fleet telematics tablet with modem and integrated Dash Cam.

Open-SIM Tablet

Garmin fleet 790 has an embedded 4G modem with open-SIM cellular connectivity for an “always-on” internet connection.

Built-in Dial-purpose Camera

The Garmin fleet 790 tablet also adds a built-in dual-purpose camera. It functions as a dash camera for the road and a productivity camera at the site.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

The Garmin fleet 790 includes onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for internet connection, connectivity to third-party peripherals – including cargo cameras, side-view cameras or back-up cameras – and, most importantly, over-the-air map updates.

Navigation APIs and Built-in Fleet Management Apps

Navigation APIs and built-in fleet management apps facilitate the development of complete solutions. Garmin fleet 790 is also compatible with our existing FMI cables and features. The convenient and easy-to-use magnetic mount makes it simple to remove from the vehicle and use outside the truck.

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