Salesforce logo Interface for Sync & Save

Love doForms and use Why not combine the two! This purpose-built interface for Sync & Save allows you to easily upload data collected with doForms into Salesforce, and download data from Salesforce into doForms. Forms built using doForms are significantly more powerful and affordable than those built in Salesforce.




  • Using Object Query Language (SOQL), Sync & Save can
    • INSERT new records
    • UPDATE existing records
    • UPSERT if unsure whether not a record exists
  • Includes but not limited to
    • Accounts, Assets, Contact, Leads, Opportunities, Orders, etc…
  • Attachments can also be uploaded to the Salesforce Chatter feed
  • Dispatch from
  • Look-up tables from

Requires a valid doForms Premium (Sync & Save) License for each user. Request for Sync & Save when purchasing doForms Premium licenses. Click here for Sync & Save information and pricing. Includes one hour of setup and support. Additional support is billed at $75 per hour. Not available for free trial. Setup fees must be paid in advance.

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