Embed doForms Directly Into Your Website

doForms makes it easy to use forms in your website–in fact, the form on this page is a doForm. Just build your doForms and we will automatically supply the code needed to embed the form in your site. Now you can collect data and payment, and take advantage of all the powerful features of doForms when collecting information from visitors on your site.

This example web page uses ProPay integration to allow mobile payment collection directly from a doForm.

Why is a Web Form better than an HTML Form?

  1. doForms are simply more powerful! Rather than being a static document, they have the ability to drop data, do calculations in-form, upload pictures, sketch in-form, and hide sections of the form based on conditional statements.
  2. Turn any site in an eCommerce site by integrating the ProPay web payment option into your forms, allowing you to accept payment information right in the form.
  3. Automation – To submit a PDF form, the customer has to email it back to you. doForms can automatically be redistributed to multiple people in multiple formats, based on how questions are answered in the form. For example, configure the form to send submissions different departments depending on which items were checked off in the form.
  4. Integration – Automatically update Salesforce.com, QuickBooks, databases, CRM systems, and more when a customer submits a form. No need to open up the PDF and transcribe information.
  5. Data – Submitted doForms can share their data with other doForms, making it easy to share information.
  6. Reports – Use the doForms Report Builder to consolidate data from your forms and email reports.


A web form uses 1 form credit each time a form is submitted.

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