A smartphone as intelligent as it is indestructable.

Sonim XP8

doForms has been tested and certified on the Sonim XP8. The Sonim XP8 is more than just another rugged smartphone. It’s where the tough meets smart, agility meets security, and cost meets value. This Band14 / FirstNet enabled smartphone is for missions that demand much more than just voice communication.

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Survive in the most hazardous conditions
Industry-leading Rugged Performance Standards, Military 810G, waterproof and Non-Incendive Class I, II, III, DIV 2 ratings ensure you work and thrive even in the most extreme environments.

Manage and control devices more efficiently
Pair the XP8 with SCOUT, our proprietary device-provisioning and management application and suddenly, Enterprise IT is as efficient and productive as the XP8 itself. That’s really smart.

Hear and communicate clearly, in any mode
Cancel background noise with Loud and Clear Audio with 100dB+ speakers and amplify sound with mission critical audio accessories that support traditional and EPTT.

Enjoy easy, fumble free keys
Large, tactile and intuitive PTT, SOS and volume buttons & controls make communication easy and error-free.

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