Turn Your Mobile Device Into A Power Tool.

Mobile App Features



Picture, Sketching and Signature Capture

Embed Photos and Annotate Right in the Form

Click the capture picture button and take a picture. Pictures, video and audio are embedded right into the form. Sketch on a picture to highlight key elements. Make an audio note. Allow customers to approve work orders by signing directly on the device.


Credit and Debit Card Processing

Take Payment on the Spot, Swipe-Free

Take fast and secure credit card payment on your mobile device.


In-form Calculations

Let the Form do the Math for You

Calculate immediate, automatic price extensions, price totals, sales taxes, work hours and mileage, as well as self-scoring surveys. We build the intelligence into the form so you can leave your calculator at home.


Drop-Down Menus

Access Behind-the-Scenes Databases from your Device

Cut out messy, inaccurate, hard-to-read handwritten entries and dramatically reduce the time spent on form completion. Business data, such as customer information, pricing and parts numbers, can be embedded into your mobile forms with our data connections options.


Universal Compatibility

doForms Plays Nicely with Devices

doForms works on almost any mobile device and operating system, including iOS, Android, Windows phone or on a web browser.


Advanced Input Controls & Skip Logic

It’s Easy to Fill Out Complex Forms

Control how data is inputted using dropdown lists, text fields and quick select features such as radio buttons, multi-selects or true/false options. Use skip logic to create specific paths, depending on answers to different field selections.



Know Instantly When You’ve Received a Form

Receive instant notifications when a new form has been dispatched or forwarded to you — right on your mobile device.



Fill the Form Without Lifting a Finger

Dictate text right into the form using your mobile device’s voice-to-text capabilities (available on iOS and Android only).


GPS & Time Stamps

Verify Where and When You Filled Out the Form

Document location, time of arrival and work performed using GPS and time/date stamping.


Barcode Scanning and Near Field Communication (NFC)

Enter Loads of Data with One Click

Scan QR and barcodes and read NFC tags from your device right into your forms. You can even use Bluetooth handheld laser scanners. Integrate scanning with data lookups to scan a product, automatically find the product record, and update all relevant fields (like price and product description) seamlessly.


Offline Form Functionality

No Connectivity? No Problem!

Fill out and send forms with or without connectivity. Forms are auto-sent once network connection is restored.