doForms 5.2 Offers Enhanced Customizations to Form Builders

Last Updated: February 16, 2017

Release 5.2 introduces a variety of upgrades into doForms’ mobile forms products, providing our customers greater control over their forms, dispatches and calculations.


Custom Dispatch Status

This new setting gives users the ability to type custom status messages into a text box and send that text as a dispatched status update. If they wish, users can create a unique message on each different form dispatched from the field: for example, “customer is not home” or “taking my lunch break.”




IF, THEN, ELSE Enhancement

doForms now lets form builders set the answer to one field as equal to the answer to another field. This is helpful for allowing things like shipping addresses to be the equal to or different than billing addresses.


Percentage Options

Numeric and calculation fields now have an option to show percentages.


Forward to Email

doForms users can now forward a form directly to an email address from a mobile device as well as forward back to the mobile device from email.


Images in Answers

It’s now possible to add images as selectable answers into mobile forms. Images can be used in choose-one or select-multiple answer types.



New Text Entry Settings

Text fields can now be formatted as a Social Security number or as a phone number, including multiple format options for phone.



Skip Logic in Grids

Skip logic can now be set to cause form users to advance from one grid to another grid of the form builder’s choice within a form.


Look for these enhanced features in doForms now or download the pdf to the right for instructions on how to use them. And, as always, feel free to contact support with any questions.