Mobile Forms Tip: doForms Adjust for Any Configuration

Last Updated: February 27, 2018

Did you know? All doForms mobile forms are automatically responsive, meaning they grow and shrink to adjust to varying screen sizes. This is ideal when you have a mix of phones, tablets and desktops that all need to utilize the same form.

There are also simple techniques that you can use to fine-tune your display format and make your mobiles forms ideal for each environment. For instance, you can tell your tables, grids, radio buttons and checkboxes how to display if the screen width is smaller than a number you define. And you can easily configure the same form to behave one way on a larger screen and another way on a smaller screen.

It’s easy to set input fields in your mobile forms to stack in a single column and take up 100% of the screen width for smaller vertical displays like phone interfaces. You can then set the same form to display in multiple columns on wider screens to take advantage of available screen real estate. (For example, city next to state, next to zip code.)

This level of control allows you to optimize your forms to create a pleasant experience for all users, regardless of screen size or format. For tips on how to optimize your forms for mobile, desktop or anything in between, contact our mobile forms consultants.