doForms is Ideal for Contracts and Proposals

Last Updated: December 12, 2016

Did you know? You can create proposals, POs, contracts, estimates or invoices in the doForms web portal and email them as mobile forms to your customers, vendors and suppliers for execution.

What makes doForms better then PDFs, spreadsheets and word docs for document execution? doForms mobile forms come with the ability to track opens and statuses, collect signatures and trigger automated emails once completed.

Imagine sending a purchase order to your customer and knowing exactly when it was opened. Once your customer completes the mobile form it automatically gets emailed throughout your organization in seconds and in multiple formats to trigger fulfillment.

Or imagine sending a proposal to a customer for sign off and your sales manager getting an email the instant the deal was won. Moments later, the warehouse receives an email to ship the product, your accounting system is automatically updated and an invoice is generated. All for less than the cost of a single stamp. No email attachment can come close to that functionality.

To learn more ways you can put doForms mobile forms to work closing deals for your organization, contact our friendly and knowledgeable mobile forms consultants.