Mobile Data Collection + Fleet Management Diagnostics = The Complete Picture

Last Updated: May 2, 2016

doForms has released a Sync & Save connector that allows businesses to combine field data collected on mobile devices with vehicle tracking data and onboard diagnostics from Verizon Networkfleet.

doforms mobile data collection integrates with verizon networkfleet

That means that mobile data collection from the field such as work orders, inspection reports, survey results, and time sheets will be available alongside vehicle data like odometer and temperature readings and GPS coordinates. doForms Sync & Save makes it easy to access and manage the combined data in popular business systems like Salesforce, QuickBooks, Oracle, Google Docs, SharePoint, Excel, SQL Server and more.

Imagine combining damaged package information from a delivery with hard stop data from your vehicle’s onboard computer, or dispatching a mechanic to service a vehicle after it’s traveled a preset number of miles. The possibilities are endless.

Click here for a full list of supported Networkfleet data.

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