TechCrunch Predicts Paper Agreements Gone by 2021

Last Updated: January 8, 2016

Tom Gonser of TechCrunch caught our eye when he kicked off the new year by predicting 5 Things That Will Disappear In 5 Years. And guess what’s on his list? That’s right… static documents and paper agreements. Tom, we couldn’t agree more. As pioneers in the world of form creation software and paperless office solutions, we firmly believe that a paperless world is a better and more efficient world.

Mobile business forms for all by 2021…

Seems crazy that paper will be passé within 5 years? Not to us. Our mobile business forms are already accelerating how companies are collecting data and documenting approvals in the field and getting them back to the office.

Gonser refers to these “cloud agreements” as the way of the future, and notes that they’re already being enthusiastically adopted by the real estate, financial services, insurance, high-tech and healthcare industries. And we know, by virtue of our own customer base, that there are plenty more industries already taking advantage of mobile business forms to streamline their operations.

So here’s to a fast-approaching paperless future, and to continuing to break new ground in mobile forms solutions today. To read more from Tom Gonser, click here. To learn more about what doForms can do to streamline your data collection process, contact us.