doForms vs Paperwork

Nobody likes doing paperwork. And if you knew what it was costing your business, you’d like it even less.

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Paperless Forms
  • In-form price and quantity calculations
  • Automatically send data back to the office
  • Email a PDF receipt to your customer
  • Add GPS or time stamps for documentation
  • Seemlessly integrates with Industry standard software
  • Capture images and signatures
  • Scan barcodes and NFC tags
  • Save money, at less than $9 per license/month
  • Hope you remembered your calculator
  • Time to drive your paperwork to the office (again)
  • Carbon copies, anyone?
  • Remember to write down where you were when
  • Do you enjoy manual data entry?!?
  • Print your pictures and staple them to your paperwork?
  • Now was that a 3 or an 8?
  • The avg. cost of paper processing? $20 per document

Still not convinced doForms is the clear winner?

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These Companies Chose doForms Over Paperwork:

“doForms has allowed us to more easily and accurately conduct and document our daily pre-operational plant inspections. We were able to cut our daily paper usage by 80 percent. Creating and implementing forms was a breeze and the customer service was outstanding.” Jeff Bolner Bolner's Fiesta Products, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Use your form on your smartphone or tablet, email it to anyone, embed it in your website, dispatch it to your employees and view your data from anywhere.

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