1. Will any of my information be shared?
    • Absolutely not. This is a private transaction between you and doForms. We will not disclose that you are a lead source nor will we share information on the leads you provide or any compensation you may earn as a result of providing a lead.
  2. Is there a limit on how many qualified leads I can submit?
    • No limit. However, if after 10 paid leads none result in a sale, we do reserve the right to terminate you as a lead source. This is a program to generate qualified leads.
  3. Can I let others know about this program?
    • Yes.  Anyone can participate as long as they provide qualified leads.
  4. What if someone else submits the same lead as me?
    • The first person to submit a lead and to help qualify the lead will be paid.
  5. Do I have to do anything other then submit the lead?
    • doForms will attempt to contact your lead and qualify them directly. If the lead is unresponsive, a doForms sales consultant will reach out to you to assist in qualifying the lead. Once the lead has been qualified, doForms will build their forms, provide training and support and bill them accordingly.
  6. Am I exempt from the program if I work for a doForms reseller?
    • Only if the doForms reseller receives compensation from doForms as part of a reseller or agent agreement.