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Sync & Save is our powerful integration tool included with doForms Premium. It allows you to pull your data from the doForms cloud and push it to your database. Plus, you can bring data back into your legacy systems quickly and seamlessly. Two-way data sharing has never been easier.

Available Downloads

Current Version: v1.18.9 (March 21, 2024)


  • Security updates
  • Ability to export row numbers
  • Upgrade Google Sheets to v4
  • Add ability to specify which template to use for Excel and PDF exports
  • Add backup of settings
  • Allow unauthenticated SMTP
  • Add additional logging around access database connections
  • Refresh of submission list removes records from other months
  • Get new download link if PDF or Excel does not exist in archive
  • Generate CAML query for default view of look-up table
  • Added ability to specify which XML type to use for look-up table
  • Updated partner WSDL to version 45
  • Updated handling for timeout errors
  • Added support for Dropbox API v2
  • Exporting to QuickBooks Online time activity
  • Download submissions in background
  • Do not add blank rows to Word tables
  • Convert Quickbooks Online authorization to use default browser
  • Support Networkfleet integration
  • Add ROUND function to Excel type calculation engine
  • Add Run On Startup option to Tools menu
  • Improved QuickBooks connect process
  • Add Amount field to QB Estimate


  • Add logging to mutex
  • Add logging to dataset save
  • Unhandled exception: Could not load license: GetId
  • Add logging to Salesforce UPDATE requests
  • Semicolon inside quoted string is interpreted as a SQL statement terminator
  • Over quota and bad credentials errors retry requests
  • Over quota and bad credentials errors retry requests
  • Error when delete lookup table attempts is 0
  • System.IO.IOException: The directory name is invalid.
  • Multiple internet failures can cause a submission to be skipped
  • Run from errors tab loses form databindings
  • EditDate string issue
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException error
  • Re-download Selected only downloads first submission after clicking Select All
  • GPS fields do not export if question is after a repeating section
  • Multiply Repeats is not respected for SharePoint List Attachments
  • Schedule validation jumps to a different tab when an invalid schedule is entered
  • Delete of archived submission also deletes download and export history
  • Incorrect number of columns in format error in QBO Invoice job
  • QB Customer list without BillAddress fails to upload
  • Unhandled exception when deleting Value in Format tab
  • Schedule times don’t display correctly on low resolution monitors
What's New:
  • Bug fixes
  • Add backup of settings
  • Support for Open File control
  • Updated QuickBooks Online authorization to use OAuth 2.0 — QuickBooks Online customers must install v1.15.0 before December 17, 2019
  • Upgrade framework to Microsoft .NET 4.6.1
  • Added sync of deletes to SharePoint lists
  • Added sync of edits to SharePoint lists
  • Added support for token authentication
  • Added look-up table encryption