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Yes, it really is free. Create and use as many forms as you want. No credit card required. No strings attached. No advertising. No kidding. Your Free doForms account will provide you a data website with mapping, 200MB of data storage, ability to create forms, and application software for one mobile device*. You get all many of the features of a paid doForms plan, but no technical support. When you outgrow the Free Account, and wish to link more than one mobile device, need more than 200MB of data storage, or would like access to our technical support experts, then please check out one of our very affordable paid plans. Read more about paid plans

Here's what you will need to do:

Step 1. Sign up for a Free doForms website account.

Step 2. Download the doForms mobile app to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Step 3. Watch our video tutorial.

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* Although you can download the doForms mobile app to as many mobile devices as you like, the Free Account will only allow one mobile device to be linked to your doForms website.