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Real-time dispatch and GPS tracking right from your mobile devices


Dispatch gives you the tools to manage a dynamic task-based mobile workforce.

Now you can easily dispatch work order forms containing critical job details to mobile workers in real-time and insure no job is left undone.

With Dispatch you can:

  • Fill in task-critical information like customer name and job address based on the fields you built into your form.
  • Send the form immediately or schedule work for a future date.
  • Get instant feedback on transmission success and know when your techs open each form.
  • Review completed work orders in the doForms web dashboard.
  • Dispatch from, and integrate real-time status and job data into, your existing backend system via Web Services or doForms Sync & Save.
Mobile GPS Tracking

Locate and track your employees using a smartphone, tablet or a vehicle-based device provided by one of our doForms integration partners.

Use the GPS receiver built into smartphones and tablet computers in combination with your cellular data plan to locate and track your employees.

With GPS tracking you can:

  • Track devices based on a preset time interval.
  • Record speed and direction traveled.
  • Automatically detect when a device start and stops.
  • Automatically calculate miles traveled or time stopped.
  • See your data on a map, combined with a detailed report.
  • See what forms were submitted by location with form icons right on the map.
  • Schedule when a device tracks and when it doesn’t. Turn it off on weeknights and weekends.


Form Retrieval

Can’t remember where the septic tank was buried, or need to review what the last technician did? Retrieve previous doForms with Form Retrieval, using unique identifiers like a job number or customer name.


Form Forwarding

Need a supervisor to sign off on a work order before emailing a customer? Simply suppress the automatic email from being sent by the technician, and have it sent automatically by the supervisor upon approval instead.


Dispatch to Email

Send a job to any third party contractor or partner by simply knowing their email address. You can schedule when emails are sent, create an address book and send back status updates to the dispatch dashboard in real-time.