Quick Tip

Embed Your Mobile Forms Anywhere

Did you know? doForms mobile forms go way beyond your mobile device. doForms are so versatile that you can embed them everywhere, like in your web site, in an employment ad on a recruiting website like Monster or Indeed, in email or in any other internet-connected interface that supports your business.

doForms customers have been putting this versatility to use in interesting and effective ways for quite some time. A consulting firm is embedding doForms mobile forms in emails and using them to collect registrations for networking events. A retailer is using doForms as an embedded customer satisfaction survey on their website. A provider of special education solutions is using doForms embedded mobile forms in their employee portal to document student progress and to allow staff to track their time.

So get creative and put those mobile forms to use beyond your mobile devices. If you’d like some tips on additional ways that doForms could work hard for your organization, please contact our mobile forms consultants.

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