Workflow Management Software 101: Types, Benefits & Tips For Implementation

Last Updated: November 14, 2023
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From overwhelming workloads to communication bottlenecks, navigating the complex landscape of business operations often presents challenges for business owners.

Workflow management software is a tool that can help you streamline processes and improve organization, regardless of the industry you’re in.

We’ll share all you need to know about this type of software, including types, the benefits it offers and the factors to consider when choosing a software tool for your needs.

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What Is Workflow Management Software?

Workflow management software encompasses the tools and platforms used to automate, streamline and optimize the process of managing tasks and processes within a company.

The term is often used interchangeably with workflow automation software but the two tools are different.

While workflow management software encompasses the entire process of designing, executing and optimizing workflows, workflow automation software focuses on automating manual and repetitive tasks within those workflows.

Types Of Workflow Software

The most common types of workflow software include:

  • Mobile forms software: Mobile forms software (like doForms!) is used for gathering data in real-time, significantly reducing the time needed for manual data collection and minimizing the risk of error. It also allows you to store and analyze data in one secure, centralized location.
  • Team management software: This tool gives you oversight over your entire team’s performance in one place, clarifying each member’s responsibilities and progress. It also helps you manage employee workload, gain data-based insights into each member’s performance and devise smart strategies for improvement.
  • Project management software: This tool focuses on project optimization in terms of planning and execution. It often includes features for task assignment, timelines, collaboration and resource allocation. Project management software is particularly useful in outsourcing scenarios where you can create boards for different projects, assign tasks to remote team members and track progress.
  • HR management software: HRMS software streamlines HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, performance management leave approvals and benefits administration, payroll and other HR-related functions.
  • Task management software: Offering features like task assignment, priority setting and progress tracking, this tool focuses on organizing and tracking individual tasks.
  • Marketing automation software: This tool is used for planning, executing and analyzing marketing campaigns, whether through email or social media. In addition, it often incorporates workflows for lead nurturing and customer engagement.

A modern mobile forms solution, doForms can help you facilitate the organization of your workflows by allowing you to gather real-time data electronically, assign and track tasks from a mobile device and keep all of your documents organized in one secure, digital location — more on this below!

Benefits Of Workflow Management Software

From improved collaboration to reduced costs and beyond workflow management software offers multiple advantages.

Workflow software:

  • Improves collaboration: By providing a centralized platform for task management and communication, workflow management software facilitates collaboration among team members.
  • Enhances visibility: Workflow management software provides visibility into the status and progress of tasks and processes, which allows you to monitor workflows, identify issues and make informed decisions.
  • Reduces errors: By minimizing manual data entry and enforcing standardized processes, workflow management software improves accuracy and reduces the risk for human error.
  • Ensures compliance: By providing a systematic framework and incorporating built-in checks and approvals, workflow software helps you adhere to regulatory guidelines and industry standards.
  • Increases efficiency: By automating repetitive tasks, workflow software streamlines your business processes and reduces the time and effort needed to record and track the progress of tasks.
  • Reduces costs: By minimizing errors and optimizing resource allocation, workflow software allows you to cut down on costs.
  • Scales as your business grows: Workflow software is designed to scale with the growth of your company, allowing you to handle an increasing number of tasks without an increase in administrative overhead.

What does this look like in practice? For example:

  • If you are running a field service business, workflow software will help you schedule, assign and send tasks to your employees’ mobile devices, reducing response times and improving overall service efficiency.
  • If you are managing a retail business, workflow management software will help you automate inventory tracking, preventing stockouts and improving cash flow.
  • If you are managing a healthcare center, workflow management software will help you streamline patient scheduling and automate appointment reminders, to improve patient care and operational efficiency.
  • If you own a construction company, workflow management software will allow your on-site teams to report progress, request materials and communicate with the office, improving project organization and communication.
A doctor in a hospital looking at a tablet​

From healthcare and retail to construction, workflow software can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and boost collaboration​

Signs It’s Time To Automate Your Workflows

Wondering if it’s time to lean on automation? If several of the below situations apply to you, it’s likely time to find a workflow management software that works for your organization.

You Are Drowning In Paper Documents

From slips and checklists to reports and more, paper-based processes are both environmentally unfriendly and unorganized.

A workflow management software like doForms can help you handle large volumes of paper files, to make sure that they are not misplaced, damaged or lost.

For example, one of our clients, JLL, implemented doForms to facilitate the completion of an 80-page form that their site inspection agents needed to fill out manually on each field visit. This allowed the company to save on paper costs, increase productivity and improve client satisfaction.

You See Errors & Inconsistencies In Routine Processes

People make mistakes. Software rarely does.

Errors, no matter how small, can be costly — both in terms of time and money.

  • Workflow software like doForms can reduce room for error by reminding employees to fill out forms properly, sending automatic updates, keeping files organized and more.

You Are Experiencing Customer Satisfaction Concerns

Delays and inefficient service due to miscommunication and misinformation between your team members can hurt your relationship with clients.

Workflow software such as doForms can deliver real-time updates to your employees, giving them access to the latest and most relevant information. The use of workflow management software allows you to reduce response times and improve the quality of work, contributing to higher customer satisfaction levels.

It Is Difficult To Pinpoint Team Roles & Responsibilities

If your team often loses track of their tasks or underperforms due to the lack of clarity of their responsibilities, workflow software can help.

Workflow management tools like doForms can help you assign tasks, set deadlines and track individual and team progress, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability among team members.

It Is Difficult To Track Task Status

If you find yourself wasting time tracking team members down for status updates, it is time to consider workflow management software.

Workflow management software can help you track task status electronically, from different locations. doForms stores all data in a single dashboard, to provide real-time visibility into the status of each task.

A comprehensive overview of projects will allow you to identify bottlenecks, search for solutions and make sure that projects stay on schedule.

You Cannot Afford To Lose Data

Data loss and breaches can disrupt your entire business operation.

Workflow management software allows you to store your information securely. doForms stores all of your information in the cloud through electronic documentation, allowing you to ditch unorganized paper documents that can easily get lost.

A woman checking business results on her smart phone​

Consider implementing workflow management software if you notice errors in data entry, find it challenging to track task status or have customer satisfaction concerns

How To Choose An Efficient Workflow Management Software Tool

To ensure improved efficiency and seamless integration with the other systems you might be using, consider the following when selecting a workflow management software tool:

  • Define your needs: Outline your business processes, challenges and specific requirements, along with the features and functionalities you need to improve your workflow management.
  • Opt for a user-friendly interface: Choose software that is easy to use and implement across teams.
  • Consider integration capabilities: Opt for software that integrates with other tools your team uses, including project management, CRM or email tools to avoid data silos.
  • Consider mobile accessibility: Choose workflow management software that offers mobile applications to facilitate task management and collaboration on the go — especially if you are managing remote or field-based teams.
  • Assess automation features: Explore the software’s automation capabilities to make sure it can automate repetitive tasks and set up triggers.
  • Choose software that offers customization: Opt for workflow software that offers customization, so you can easily integrate it within your organization. With doForms, you can choose from a vast library of templates or create your own reports from scratch, with custom fields.
  • Consider collaboration features: Select workflow software with collaboration features, such as file-sharing and real-time communication to improve communication and effective teamwork.
  • Opt for reporting and analytics capabilities: Look for software that offers reporting and analytics features, which will allow you to gain insights into current processes and areas for improvement.
  • Prioritize security and compliance: Opt for workflow management software that adheres to industry standards for data security and compliance. This is crucial if you are handling sensitive information or operate in regulated industries, such as healthcare, food and beverage, construction or real estate.
  • Look for a free trial: Consider solutions that offer a trial period or demo, so you can test the software before investing.

Digitize your work orders with doForms.
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