Product Overview

doForms offers a highly-functional and powerful mobile automation suite easily tailored to meet your specific needs.

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doForms requires only a web browser and a mobile device to get started. Use the hosted doForms web portal to build forms, manage users, view data and generate reports. Forms can be built in under an hour and uploaded on your mobile devices in seconds! doForms is currently available on iOS, Android and from your desktop or mobile browser. doForms is available on the mobile in English, Spanish and Russian with support for additional languages on the way.

Go far beyond your paper form, Excel spreadsheet or PDF document. doForms lets you easily integrate powerful features right into your mobile forms.

Form building components

  • Action buttons Watch the Video
    • Jump to page/question Watch the Video
    • Launch video/website/program Watch the Video
    • Send real-time status to dispatcher
  • Mobile Payments
  • Page breaks
  • Labels (text and graphic)
  • Text and numeric
  • Image, video and audio
  • Date and time
  • Location (control accuracy)
  • Check boxes & radio buttons
  • Sketching (sketch on image)
  • Signature capture
  • Component containers
    • Tables
    • Repeatable sections
    • Layout grids
    • Questionnaires Watch the Video
  • Approval request
  • Barcode scanning & NFC tag reading
  • Calculations
    • Numeric
    • Date/time
  • Data lookups Watch the Video
  • Email (PDFs direct from form)
  • Self-scoring surveys

Screenshot Screenshot

In addition, doForms makes it easy to automate critical business functions.

Dispatching work to employees

The power of a well – managed mobile work force is within reach with doForms Dispatch. This powerful set of communication features gives you unprecedented ability to dispatch and manage your field-based sales and service staff. Screenshot

Dispatching work to employees – dispatch work order forms containing critical job details to mobile workers in real-time. With doForms you know exactly when the device received the work order and when your employee viewed it. Watch the Video

Track employees – sometimes it is important to know where your employees have been. doForms provides a GPS audit trail that documents and supports their activities. Screenshot

Form retrieval – need multiple people to work on the same form? With doForms, a form that was submitted by one person can be retrieved wirelessly by another person. doForms has form-level locking to ensure data integrity. Watch the Video

Scanning barcodes and using Near Field Communication (NFC) to manage assets

doForms uses your mobile device to scan barcodes and read NFC tags. You can even use bluetooth handheld laser scanners. doForms integrates scanning with data lookups so that you can scan a product, automatically find the product record, and update all relevant fields (for example price and product description) seamlessly.

Integrate price books into forms with self-calculating invoice tables

Make sure your pricing is always up-to-date and in the hands of all of your customer-facing employees. With doForms you can change a price with a single click of a button, updating every mobile device automatically. Product data can easily be built right into the form. Pick a product and doForms fills in the price. Enter the quantity and doForms does the calculating for you, including tax and shipping.

Electronic timesheets

Document employee work time, work location and scan ID cards. doForms makes it easy to ensure the right person is at the correct location and on time. Build forms for individuals and or supervisors.

Data management

With doForms, integrating the critical data that is needed by your field and head office employees is easy. New or modified data are automatically updated wirelessly on each mobile device ensuring each employee has the most current product and price data. Upload files using the doForms portal. Automate regular data uploads using doForms Sync & Save feature. doForms makes accessing data simple with conditional lookups that filter data sets based on other data in your form.

Self-scoring survey

Want to survey a store, create a punch list or perform a risk assessment? doForms allows you to apply values to answers and categorize them. At the end of your survey doForms automatically calculates the survey score by category. Easily add comments for low scoring items.

Capture pictures, video & audio

Click the capture picture button and take a picture. Pictures, video and audio are embedded right into the form. You can sketch on a picture to highlight key elements and you can control the picture's attributes.

Multiple languages

doForms is currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French
  • Portuguese

If then/else logic

More complex forms need the flexibility to delve more deeply in a given area based on the prior answer given. doForms makes it easy to build forms that appropriately guide your customers and employees based on how they answer each question. doForms supports logic based on text, dates/times, and values.

Personalize and remotely configure

Add your own logo on the web portal and on your mobile devices. Control the mobile user experience centrally using the doForms device configuration management system. Watch the Video

doForms for your browser

Build your form for iOS or Android, phone or tablet ‐ that same form now works from your desktop, laptop or mobile browser. Sign in using your doForms mobile number and pin and get access to the same forms that are on your mobile device. Want customers to fill out forms? Send an email and with one click your customers are filling out your form.

Excel templates for customized form output

Why learn how to use a weak proprietary report writer? With one click doForms creates a custom Excel template for you. Simply format the captions and data to match your requirements, resize pictures and add charts. Learn more...

Automated PDFs sent right from your form

Send emails right from the field to customers and co-workers. doForms will auto-forward a PDF of the completed customer transaction (i.e. a sale or service call) including pictures, signatures, GPS coordinates and all of the data captured on the form. Or, use the Excel template option to generate custom layouts that can automatically be forwarded as Excel spreadsheets or PDFs.

Simple access to data on the cloud

doForms Sync & Save is a robust and intuitive utility that integrates your collected mobile data with back office accounting, CRM and IT systems. Sync & Save is easily installed on any Windows laptop, desktop or server. Built-in data formatting, scheduling and logging tools facilitate a reliable data integration process that provides piece of mind while saving countless hours and dollars. Watch the Video

doForms Sync & Save solution includes:

  • Supports
    • Text files (TXT, CSV, XML)
    • Databases (Access, Excel, MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server)
  • Premium add-ons for seamless integration with industry-leading software
    • QuickBooks
    • SharePoint
  • Dispatch integration made easy. Upload field critical data and work orders and download completed forms and GPS tracks.
  • Easy downloading of media files (pictures, videos, audio clips, signatures, sketches) to your local computer or server.
  • Sync & Save’s integrated scheduler downloads your data according to your requirements.

Data localization, reporting & analytics

The advantages of the Enterprise Server are numerous and include:

  • Dedicated computing resources providing the highest levels of performance and additional security. Enterprise Server can be hosted or located behind your firewall for extra security.
  • Microsoft SQL Server capability for “dynamic indexing” of very large data sets with optimized query and sorting functions.
  • Support for user defined data views and charts. User defined column and row calculations.
  • Build custom dashboard with drill downs, reports and graphics.
  • Ability for customization by your in-house IT staff using off-the-shelf Microsoft SQL Server tools and APIs.

Hosted user-friendly web portal

The doForms web portal is a comprehensive platform for managing the entire data collection process

  • Build and manage forms
  • Manage projects
  • Manage users
  • Manage lookup data
  • View submitted forms as forms or as raw data
  • Reporting and Mapping
  • Dispatch
  • Data exports
  • Account management
  • Web services