Enhanced scalability, security and compliance for the mobile enterprise

Enterprise Security

Mobile data is safe and secure

Encrypted data – at transport, payload and at-rest – meets the most stringent security and compliance requirements, including HIPAA. Access to the app is PIN-protected. Host your own data, or have us host and support your data in a dedicated or co-hosted environment.


Enterprise Server

Scalability and security ensured

Flow forms data from your mobile devices is securely into your core systems and behind your firewall. Purge hosted data instantly or keep a copy on the cloud for total redundancy and fault tolerance – your call. Access and analyze even massive data sets quickly.

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Enterprise Integration

Faster data availability for better business decisions

Streamline entry time for field data, eliminate error and data loss. Automate near real-time synchronization with back office and IT systems, so you can do something with your data faster.

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Enterprise Compliance

Stay on top of regulatory requirements

Rules-based workflows and automation ensures compliance in regulated industries. Security and hosting options can meet the most stringent requirements, like HIPAA, Basel II.

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