Quick Tip

You Can Dispatch Work Orders to Email Addresses

Did you know? It’s a snap to dispatch work order forms to anyone in your doForms address book. That puts everyone that works for you in any capacity within your business workflow whether they’re in your organization or not, from employees and contractors to external vendors and suppliers.

Have resources that you only use on an as-needed basis? Simply add them to your dispatch address book and schedule them to do work when you need them. doForms will send them your work request form, allow them to accept or reject the email, and will let you know as soon as they open the form. doForms also enables them to send you status messages at any time through the work order form, keeping you up to date on job progress. Fees only apply when you send and receive forms, so no licenses are needed for the individuals that you email.

This is a handy feature for anyone who manages a workforce, and it’s available standard in doForms Advanced and it’s available to try free for 30 days.

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