doForms Offers Contactless Signature Feature To Reduce Human Interaction, Support Social Distancing During COVID-19 Outbreak

Last Updated: April 15, 2020
doForms Contactless Signature Mobile Forms COVID-19

doForms – a mobile forms solutions provider that enables real-time data collection and custom mobile forms for small businesses, mid-sized organizations and enterprises – offers a unique feature that allows customers to sign forms without having to exchange paper or touch a workers tablet or smartphone.

Contactless signatures utilize the doForms automated workflow platform, and are based on doForms ability to seamlessly forward forms from person to person. The forms render themselves in a friendly manner on any size device or screen and each form has rules on what the customer sees, can edit and is required to fill out.

To build a COVID-19-safe form, customers can simply add the option of forwarding the form to an email address. Then, they can select the Return To Sender option and the form will be automatically returned to the mobile user once the customer or patient is done signing.

  1. Businesses that have converted their forms to doForms can have their mobile workers fill out the form.
  2. Then, they ask the customer or patient for an email address, enter it into the form and then forward the form directly to the customer with one click.
  3. The customer opens the email on their smartphone, tablet or browser, and clicks on the form to add information, pay by credit card (credit payment requires a Square payment account) or sign the document.
  4. When the customer completes the form, they just click one button and the executed document is returned to the mobile worker.
  5. The form then automatically sends an email receipt to the customer.

Everything can be done from 6 feet apart (or more!), with no exchange of paper or infected mobile devices.

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There are numerous use cases where the need for contactless signatures apply – from field service to healthcare. This rings especially true for essential workers that must make contact with the public and need safe methods to do so.

doForms’s contactless signature feature is particularly helpful for industries such as:

  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Delivery Services
  • Field Service
  • And more.

It can be used to complete a wide variety of documents, including but not limited to:

  1. Contracts
  2. Invoices
  3. Proof of Delivery
  4. Asset Tracking

Contactless signature is a paramount feature to utilize throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Paper forms are people-intensive, and typically require centralized processing and one-to-one handoffs. Not only is this process longer and less secure – it also cannot be safely executed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

But doForms’s contactless signature feature allows documents to safely transfer from person-to-person, collecting data without close human interaction. Most paper documents, PDFs and other mobile forms can be converted into doForms in under an hour. Get your first form converted today for free.

Learn more about doForms’ features that support workforces throughout the COVID-19 outbreak HERE.