doForms Presents at Tigo Business Forum in Central America

Last Updated: November 8, 2016

At the end of October, the leading companies from across Central America gathered in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, at the Tigo Business Forum to showcase the rapid adoption of new technologies in the area.

There has been wide adoption of cellular telephony and increasing access to low-cost digital media in recent years within Central and Latin America. The theme for the Tigo Business Forum this year was to highlight how companies are capitalizing on this trend and finding new ways of doing business with the Internet of Things (IoT). “The future of business is directed towards the transformation and automation of processes of a company through the IoT,” stated Otto Pineda, Country Manager of Tigo, an international telecommunications and media company with over 63 million subscribers.[1]

doForms, which are mobile forms that automate business processes and connect to a myriad of backend systems through the cloud, are naturally both benefitting from and helping to accelerate these trends. So we were delighted to have Luis Valladares, business development lead for doForms Spanish, be invited to represent us at this event.


Mr. Valladares spoke for 45 minutes at a breakout session, describing the power of mobile forms for business and their role in the IoT. He also relayed several mobile forms case studies to highlight the innovative ways that doForms are being used around the world.

“Thank you Tigo Honduras for inviting us to be part of the Tigo Business Forum,” stated Valladares. “I’m happy to have shared the importance of data gathering for the Internet of Things and very excited with the growth we have experimented in Central America during this past quarter.”

Mr. Valladares received interest in doForms mobile forms from many attendees, in particular from financial institutions, insurance agencies and distributors. This only serves to strengthen the doForms commitment to growing its already-substantial user base throughout Central and Latin America.

[1] Source: Murillo, Fatima “Destacan la rápida adopción de nuevas tecnologías en Honduras” Web blog post. La Prensa. Web. 27 October, 2016.