What’s New in doForms Mobile Forms Software?

We are continually updating and improving doForms to make it easier for you to build and use our mobile app platform. Recent developments are too numerous to detail here (click for complete list) but include new action buttons, enhanced keyboard settings and new download capabilities as well as:

Report Builder – The doForms Report Builder consolidates data from a form, exports it in table form to Excel or a PDF and e-mails it to one or multiple users. You can create the report once or schedule recurring reports. It’s ideal for timesheet reports and sales report – anything where data from many submissions of the same form need to be consolidated.

Send custom report as a link – The hassle of trying to email large custom reports is no more with our link feature. For custom reports of 10mb or more you can now choose to e-mail a web link instead of attaching a large file. It makes life easier for you, and those receiving the reports.

Enhancements to mobile user search – Now web users can more easily find mobile users with our enhanced search capabilities. Search by mobile number, e-mail address or nickname and you can also search for and view all users in a certain mobile group.

Create custom form icons – We have lots of icons in our library to customize your forms but now you can make them even more unique. Our pic grabber tool allows you to upload an image file and choose any part of the image you want. Save the icon to the library and it’s available to use anytime in the future.

Click here to download more info about these new features.

We are always adding new features, so be sure check back soon to find out What’s New in doForms. For additional information on new features, our form builder software and data collection software call us at 855-doForms or contact us.

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What’s New in doForms

January 2, 2018 Update

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