The Newest Features in doForms Mobile Forms Software

Once again, we’ve added more features and tweaked existing ones to make doForms form builder software easier to use. This is a continual process and we are always working hard to make your job easier whether you use our mobile data collection forms, dispatching software, contractor forms, or any of our form builder software options. Some of our recent updates include the following:

Adjustable table and grid widths – Tables and layout grids can now be extended to more than 100% of a mobile screen’s width. This helps when creating large tables or grids because column width is not constrained as it was previously.

Auto-save – Administrators can set forms to auto-save after ‘N’ number of minutes, minimizing the chance of losing data. Auto-saved forms can easily be retrieved after a device shutdown due to power drain or crash.

Up to 8 digit PINs – Mobile user PINs are no longer limited to 4 digits, and can now be assigned with 4 to 8 digits for added security.

Score by Category now supports decimal answers values – When creating a Score by Category input field, answer scores can now be assigned numbers with decimals as well as whole numbers.

To download more info on these features, click here. We’ll be adding a lot more features soon so be sure to check back for updates. For additional information on new features, our form builder software, and data collection software call us at 855-doForms or contact us.

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