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Features & Benefits

Capture patient information quickly and securely using digital forms and automated workflow processes.

What Can You Do With doForms For Healthcare?

Capture patient forms, securely store patient data and integrate data with other systems to streamline operations.
  • device
    Use doForms mobile app to compete digital forms on any device, from a tablet or smartphone to a laptop.
  • helthcare
    Choose forms from a pre-built library of industry-specific healthcare templates.
  • Form
    Digitize existing paper forms with the easy-to-use online form builder.
  • map
    Use automatic capture features, including GPS location, photo, video and digital signature, mileage tracking and more.
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  • signature
    Embed your forms with Secure Forward capabilities to send forms to third-parties for digital signatures.
  • email
    Use the Secure Email feature to automatically email forms to a designated recipient upon submission.
  • access
    Access the secure online portal of completed forms anytime, anywhere.
  • hippa
    Utilize HIPAA-compliant security features, including multi-factor authentication, PIN-based login, form field encryption and more.
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  • calendar
    Use the Scheduling and Dispatch tool to schedule form completion for a certain time and date aligning with patient visits.
  • report
    Use the Reporting and Analytics tool for real-time visibility into your data.
  • ehr
    Integrate doForms with your existing Electronic Health Record system to import patient data in real-time and export completed forms into patient charts.
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Key Benefits Of

doForms For Healthcare

Quality of Care

Focus On Quality Of Care

  • Gain instant access to completed point-of-care documentation
  • Quickly complete documentation so you can focus on patient interactions
  • Receive real-time alerts and notifications for patient status changes, incidents and other events to stay involved in the patient care process
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