doForms For Dental Practices

Go paperless while improving productivity and quality of care with dental e-forms.

Dental Forms For Patient Registration

Automate Your Patient Intake

Create custom digital intake and consent forms or use our pre-built library of forms to quickly and easily register new patients to your practice. Eliminate the need for scanning and manual data entry. Save time by providing your authorized employees with immediate access to the most up-to-date records.


Rich Library of Pre-Built Dental Forms

Select from our rich library of pre-built forms. Each form is fully customizable to your unique practice registration and other form requirements. 

The library includes, but is not limited to, these valuable forms:

Patient Registration
Insurance Verification Form
Notice Of Privacy Practices
Consent To Treatment

doForms’ Dental e-Form Key Features

Automate Patient Registration and Leverage Digital Forms for Practice Management

Embedded Web Forms

  • Accelerate patient registration. You can easily post your doForms patient registration and consent forms to your website so patients can fill them out prior to their visit, saving your staff time at the registration desk.
  • Keep your website registrations HIPAA-compliant. DoForms dental forms protect your patient information end-to-end and ensure you stay compliant with regulations at all times.
  • Keep your team updated on changes as they happen. Get automatic alerts when new patients register and schedule or change upcoming visits.
doForms For Dental Practices

Securely Collect e-Signatures

No need for multiple e-signature solutions. Your e-forms enable you to collect your patients’ signatures in-app, quickly and securely.

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Secure Dental e-Forms

HIPAA-Compliance & Patient Data Protection

Store and manage your patient data securely. The doForms’ system is protected by multi-factor authentication and security features that meet the standards of HIPAA-compliant information capture.


Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Available Upon Request

Dental Practice Analytics & Reporting

Group 12364

Employee Time Worked


Patient Vitals Monitoring


Employee Mileage Travelled


New Patients Admitted & Demographics


Total Visits Count


Discharged Patients & Length of Service

Integrate doForm’s Dental Electronic Forms

doForms works well with industry-leading software services and other electronic health records systems. By integrating doForms with your existing systems, you will enable instant interoperability and give your dental practice the full solution for electronic form capture, management and storage.

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