doForms for Hospice Providers

Hospice providers can streamline admissions, consent and acknowledgement forms, legal documents and more using secure digital capture.


A Streamlined Platform for Admission Documentation Management and More

With secure workflow tools, doForms allows you to capture patient demographic information and automatically generate hospice admission forms for simple submission and storage. With doForms mobile app, onsite caregivers can easily obtain signatures from new patients or legal representatives, and store forms securely online or in the cloud. 


Hospice Form Library

Leverage secure workflow tools to automate hospice admission forms and allow collaboration from all parties involved in a patient’s care.

With doForms hospice form library, you can customize, digitize and seamlessly capture forms, including:

Hospice Informed Consent For Treatment
Advance Directives
Physician Orders
Release Of Information

Electronic Form Records for Hospice

Reduce paper-based expenses, expedite the admission process and securely capture, manage and share critical hospice care documentation with doForms features.

Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Process

  • doForms allows you to automate complicated workflow for critical hospice forms. Admissions teams can create a digital Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) form that can be signed when needed.
  • Once signed by the patient or family member, the DNR form is automatically sent to the appropriate physician for signing. The legally executed DNR is then securely stored where it can be quickly located and accessed when needed.
Collect Secure E-Signatures

With doForms For Hospice

With doForms for Hospice, any form can be easily and securely sent to a third-party for digital signature, replacing the need for any other e-signature solution.

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Medical Records That Maintain HIPAA Security & Compliance

The doForms solution for hospice is built on our HIPAA-compliant data capture and storage platform. All protected health information (PHI) stored on mobile devices and the cloud is encrypted and protected by a multi-factor authentication (MFA) system, ensuring your data remains safe and secure.


Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Available Upon Request

Hospice Analytics & Reporting

Group 12364

Employee Time Worked


Patient Vitals


Employee Distance Traveled


New Patient Demographics


Total Visits


Discharged Patient Records

Integrate doForms’ Hospice Solution

In addition to electronic form capture, management and storage, doForms web services tools allow you to integrate captured data with industry-leading software services and other electronic health records systems.

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