doForms For Mental Health Services

With doForms, clinics and community-based mental health treatment providers can streamline processes to store and access patient data quickly and securely.

Streamline Information Capture

With doForms For Mental Health Treatment Providers

Mental health treatment providers around the country are using doForms to streamline patient intake, assessment and referral processes. doForms allows medical staff to focus on the services being provided to those who are struggling, instead of on the time-consuming process of manual paperwork. The doForms mobile app allows therapists to document patient progress and refer to notes before, during and after treatment. 


Mental Health Treatment Form Library

The doForms solution for mental health treatment providers includes a library of fully customizable forms. 

You can digitize and seamlessly capture forms, including:

New Client Intake
Consent To Treatment
Release Of Information
Progress Report

Mental Health Treatment Form Solutions

doForms provides the tools you need to electronically capture and manage patient documents.

Online Patient Registration

  • From pre-admission forms and Consent to Treatment to HIPAA Authorization and Release of Information, doForms allows you to digitally capture patient history, medications and other relevant information in a secure encrypted form.
  • Once completed, the form is immediately transferred and stored in an online portal for authorized account administrators to access and review. The intake system replaces the need to print, scan, file and manually fill out intake forms by offering a tech-savvy onboarding system that is affordable and easy to use.
Collect Secure E-Signatures

With doForms For Mental Health Treatment Providers

With doForms, mental health treatment providers can easily and securely send forms to third-party recipients for e-signatures.

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Mental Health Treatment

Medical Records That Maintain HIPAA Security & Compliance

The doForms solution for mental health treatment is built on our HIPAA-compliant data capture and storage platform, which encrypts all health information to ensure patient data is secure.


Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Available Upon Request

Mental Health Services Analytics & Reporting

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Employee Time Worked


Patient Vitals


Employee Distance Traveled


New Patient Demographics


Total Visits


Discharged Patient Records

Integrate doForms’ Solution For Mental Health Service Providers

With doForms web services tools, you can integrate captured data with industry-leading software services and other electronic health records systems, giving your agency a full solution for form capture, management and storage.

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