doForms For Physicians & Family Medicine

With doForms, you can easily create, manage and securely store HIPAA-compliant patient records and health information.

A Fully-Integrated System For

Physician & Family Medicine

doForms is a fully integrated solution designed for physician’s offices that helps providers seamlessly capture intake paperwork, SOAP assessments and other patient-centric forms, replacing paper and integrating easily with back-end EHRs.


Physician & Family Medicine Form Library

doForms offers a comprehensive solution for physician practices of all sizes. The customizable form library is designed to meet your patient intake and compliance requirements.  

doForms offers you the ability to digitize and seamlessly capture forms, including: 

Patient Registration
New Patient SOAP Note
Office Policies & Procedures Acknolwedgement
HIPAA Release & Consent Forms

Digital Form Solutions For Physicians & Family Medicine

doForms empowers physicians with the tools they need to electronically capture and manage patient documents.

Patient Intake & Agreements

  • With doForms, digital patient intake forms can be filled out on a patient’s own device by scanning a QR code, or on tablets provided to the patient.
  • With one click of the “submit” button, patient intake forms are immediately digitized as PDF forms that can be easily uploaded into the patient’s chart in any backend EHR system.
Collect Secure E-Signatures With

doForms For Physicians & Family Medicine

With doForms, physicians can easily and securely send forms to third-party recipients to request e-signatures.

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Physicians & Family Medicine

Medical Records That Maintain HIPAA Security & Compliance

The doForms solution for physicians is HIPAA-compliant and all patient information is encrypted, both mobile devices and in the cloud.


Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Available Upon Request

Physician & Family Medicine Analytics & Reporting

Group 12364

Employee Time Worked


Patient Vitals


Employee Distance Traveled


New Patient Demographics


Total Visits


Discharged Patient Records

Integrate doForms’ Solution For Physician & Family Medicine

Using doForms web services tools, you can integrate all captured data with industry-leading software and other electronic health records systems, enabling instant interoperability.

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