HIPAA Compliant Mobile Forms

The doForms healthcare-specific mobile solution, combined with our organization-specific system management portal, provide a safe method for collecting patient data and a powerful way to view and manage it. To ensure the highest levels of security, doForms utilizes the latest technologies for Data Encryption, Multifactor Authentication and Intrusion Detection.


HIPAA and HITECH Compliant, BAA Available

doForms provides a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to each customer upon request, and will obtain a BAA where we house your patient data at rest.

Download doForms BAA


State-of-the-Art Intrusion Detection

Microsoft is using state-of-the-art intrusion detection technology to protect the Azure cloud platform and provides customers with a BAA, making the Microsoft cloud a safe harbor for your data at rest.

Windows Azure White Paper


Web-Based Document Management System

The doForms healthcare form management portal provides a secure platform for viewing patient records. Access to submitted forms is based on Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication. Identifying which form you need to see is made easy because you can search virtually any data in the form.


Access to Data for Analysis and Integration

Because doForms stores your form both as a PDF and as data, the raw data your caregivers collect is immediately available to you for analysis and integration with backend systems. Use tools like Power BI to instantly analyze data and build sophisticated web dashboards. All patient identifying information is secured using encryption and encryption keys are stored in Microsoft’s Key Vault.


Easy-to-Use and Secure Caregiver Mobile Application

The doForms mobile application for healthcare is purpose-built to protect the information being collected while providing a well-designed user interface to reduce training and support for large non-technical workforces. For added security, doForms uses both the device ID and caregiver ID to perform identification, only allowing access when the device is present.

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